Our Portfolio

It all begins with fanatical entrepreneurs hell-bent on changing the world – we simply provide the capital and know-how to help them realize these dreams. We are continually energized by the myriad experiences, adventures and lifestyles that are fueled by our portfolio companies. Whether keeping your steaks cold for a week in Indian Creek’s heat or powering months-long adventures in the Alaskan wilderness - they all have proven their ability to take their passion from the drawing-board to the backcountry.


Our Vision is to create the opportunity for outdoor enthusiasts to explore nature in its most serene settings. We set to accomplish this by developing a line of high quality packrafts through extensive research and development and by listening to our customers wants and needs. Additionally, we serve as a resource for learning how to use your packraft, finding packrafting trips in your area, and learning about the equipment and techniques that will keep you safe out on the water.



Which would have been great, except we were hauling stuff from car to campground, and we were on trip fourteen of twenty. So that wasn’t so great. What we needed was an all-terrain, tow-ready, one-size-carries-all cooler that would let us make it to the campground in a single trip. The moment we dried out, we got to building one.

That’s when we started RovR, a company dedicated to the idea of letting you carry more, so you can get to camping faster. Our mission is to bring you gear that helps you go from car to campground as quickly as possible.


As active individuals, we desired advanced functionality from our clothing. Everyday clothing that worked across a broader range of social settings and activities, with advanced protection from the elements. We sought a blend of both function and style in all of our apparel, but we rarely found both. So we set out to change that.