Our Story

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Rio Chato Investments partners with entrepreneurs to provide capital, guidance and expertise to human-powered sports and outdoor lifestyle companies. These businesses are run by very passionate individuals who have a clear vision on how to transform their sport of choice, the environment and the world.


That said, the outdoor industry is increasingly complicated - involving crowdfunding, foreign manufacturing, large down payments, long lead-times and seasonality. Traditional capital sources have a difficult time understanding this complexity and are unable to provide capital solutions that are needed to start and grow such enterprises.


Rio Chato Investments was founded specifically to help outdoor industry entrepreneurs to overcome these obstacles and realize their dreams. The company provides a suite of short- and long-term debt solutions, PO financing as well as direct equity investment.


Collectively, the principals of the firm have closed more than $2 billion in transactions and generated over $500 million in profits for their investors over the past 15 years. Rio Chato's mission is to leverage this deep experience, capital and contact base to assist passionate entrepreneurs in the creation and growth of their human-powered sports or outdoor lifestyle businesses.